Satellite Navigation

Jun 28, 2019

Satellite Navigation aims to report innovative ideas, new results or progress on the theoretical techniques and applications of satellite navigation. The journal welcomes original articles, reviews and commentaries. The topics include but are not limited to:

Navigation System and Signals

Satellite navigation constellation

Autonomous satellite navigation theory and system

Precise orbit determination and time synchronization

Signal processing

Receiver and signal processing

Anti-jamming and anti-spoofing

Integrated PNT

Multi-sensor integrated navigation

GNSS Augmentation technology

Micro PNT technology

Resilient PNT theory

Time and Coordinate Reference System

Establishment and maintenance of time-space reference system

Time synchronization methods

High precision clock technology

Industrial and Scientific Applications

Intelligent applications

Geodesy applications

Geoscience applications

Articles on advances of other related areas, such as various augmentations, intelligent vehicle systems, indoor positioning, sensor networks and location services are welcome as well.

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