Research News

Rising Daily Surface Temperature of 160 Lakes over Tibetan Plateau during 40 Years

The annual surface temperature of 160 lakes across the Tibetan Plateau has increased significantly in the period 1978-2017, according to a study on large-scale dynamic monitoring and simulation of lake water temperature which is conducted by a research team from the International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals (CBAS), along with the Aerospace Information Research Institute (AIR) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Sep 30, 2022

AIR Conducts 2022 Flight Experiment for Public Welfare

In a small county-level city called Genhe in the far northeast of Inner Mongolia, August saw frequently MA 60 remote sensing aircraft setting off and landing. The aircraft is part of Chinese Aeronautic Remote Sensing System (CARSS), a large research infrastructure housed by the Aerospace Information Research Institute (AIR), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Sep 20, 2022

New Foundation Model Improves Accuracy for Remote Sensing Image Interpretation

A new foundation model dubbed RingMo has been developed to improve accuracy for remote sensing image interpretation, according to the Aerospace Information Research Institute (AIR), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Sep 04, 2022

AIR Researchers Carry out Scientific Experiments and Field Surveys for Black Earth Cropland Monitoring

From July 7 to August 8, 2022, multi-dimensional field observation and scientific experiments were conducted in the black earth region of Northeast China by a research team led by Prof. LI Qiangzi from National Engineering Laboratory for Satellite Remote Sensing Applications, Aerospace Information Research Institute (AIR), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Aug 30, 2022

AIR Scientists Conduct Experiments on Monitoring Grassland and Livestock Resources in China

A series of integrated experiments involving unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), tethered balloon, satellites and in-situ observation were conducted at the Shertala and Hadatu Farms in Hulunbuir Prairie of northern China's Inner Mongolia from June 21 to July 23 to collect remote sensing data and in-situ data,which were used to provide strong data support for grasslands and livestock management and monitoring.

Aug 19, 2022