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China Confirms Reception of Data from Hyperspectral Earth Observation Satellite

Sep 13, 2021

China Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station (RSGS) , a major national S&T infrastructure hosted by the Aerospace Information Research Institute (AIR) under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, confirmed that it successfully received data from the newly-launched GF-5 (02) hyperspectral Earth observation satellite on September 11, 2021.

According to AIR, the ground station at Miyun on the outskirts of Beijing tracked and received the downlink data of the satellite at 10: 25 a.m. and 12: 03 a.m that day.

The package of data with a total size of 117 GB was real-time received, recorded, and transmitted by the station.

The satellite is part of China’s Civil Space Infrastructure system, which was launched on September 7 to provide hyperspectral data for China’s environmental monitoring.

RSGS is responsible for the data reception of this satellite, as well as the follow-up data reception missions planned by the Medium and Long-term Development Strategy of China's Civil Space Infrastructure (2015-2025).

Scientists at the Miyun Station working on the data reception.