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Special Issue on Big Data in Support of the Sustainable Development Goals is now Online

Sep 03, 2021

Big Earth Data has published a special issue on Big Data in Support of the Sustainable Development Goals to celebrate the launch of the International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals (CBAS). The issue is co-edited by Prof. GUO Huadong, Director of CBAS, Dr. Heide Hackmann, CEO of the International Science Council, and Prof. KE Gong, President of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations.

This special issue aims to highlight the evolving potential of big data analytics for enabling a comprehensive understanding of complex Earth system processes and the development of cutting-edge engineering for sustainable solutions to global challenges. It features important contributions from the science and engineering communities, led by the International Science Council and the World Federation of Engineering Organizations.

The special issue compiles relevant scientific concepts and research into a two-part series to be published in August and December 2021. The first part of this series has now been published online and contains eight papers from experts at leading institutes. All of the papers are open access and can be downloaded from

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