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Infrared Thermal Imaging Temperature Screening System to Help Fight Virus Pandemic

Apr 03, 2020

AIR has recently developed an infrared thermal imaging temperature screening system, capable of automatically measuring body temperature with high accuracy and efficiency.

The temperature accuracy reaches 0.1 ℃, which meets the national standard of medical infrared temperature measurement of ± 0.3 ℃, according to the verification testing from Tianjin Institute of Metrology, Supervision and Testing.

Rapid response and snapshots are highlights of the system. The system is very efficient for temperature measurement. It can screen multiple individuals in the crowd within 0.5 seconds and storing videos and pictures in its computer immediately.

The system also features automatic search and abnormal temperature warning. As long as people with fever appears in the scope of the device, where the system detect elevated temperature, the person is pinpointed on its screen, and an alarm sounds simultaneously.

Meanwhile, the system allows non-contact and non-intrusive temperature measurement and people can accept temperature detection without stopping, waiting, removing the mask or making specific actions, greatly reducing the risk of cross-infection.

For various types of entrances and public places such as subway entrances, schools, and hospitals where huge human flow concentrates, rapid body temperature measurement is made possible with the system.

The system is now under the procedures for medical device qualification and is expected to make its debut soon, contributing to the battle against coronavirus pandemic.

The system is produced by the Tianjin Laser Technology Research and Industrial Center which was jointly founded by AIR and Tianjin local government in October 2014. The center is engaged in R&D and technology transformation in the laser and electro-optic fields.