UNGA Chief Visits China: UNGA president visits Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals

Feb 07, 2023



[video:UNGA president visits Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals]


When the UNGA president visited one of the world's most renowned research centers that uses big data in serving the 2030 Agenda Thursday, Chinese scientists showed how data mining, sharing and analyzing could make a difference in speeding up achievement of the UN's sustainability goals, goals that cover poverty eradication to clean waters for all, and goals that ideally could become reality by 2030.

The UNGA president conceded that meeting those targets globally in time is a tall order and therefore needs extra push from the use of science and technology.

CSABA KOROSI UNGA President "Now you're showing us an example how to collect data, how to process data, how to use data for evaluating the SDGs and making it available to the whole world."

The big-data center in Beijing is part of China's on-going efforts in using science and technology to fuel sustainable development.

HOU JIANGUO President, Chinese Academy of Sciences "The world is facing challenges from poverty to bio-diversity. The Chinese Academy of Sciences has always worked to address the key issues, including those from the 2030 agenda, from eco-protection, coping with climate change to protection of water-resources, and it is fair to say we have laid some good ground."

The director for the center has told CGTN that its big-data has shown that while China has managed to meet some sustainable development goals ahead of time, globally it's a different story.

The COVID-19 pandemic especially has slowed the process, leaving some populations even back-tracking in some development areas.

SUN YE Beijing "The UNGA president's trip in China this week focuses on how best to facilitate reaching sustainable development goals or the SDGs, the goals that proposed in 2015, is facing a mid-term evaluation now. SY, CGTN, BJ."

Source: CGTN