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China Receives Data from Gaofen-3 03 Satellite

Apr 13, 2022

BEIJING, April 13 (Xinhua) -- China successfully received data from the recently launched Gaofen-3 03 satellite on Tuesday, according to the Aerospace Information Research Institute under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The package of data with a total size of 44 gigabytes was received by the remote sensing satellite ground station in Miyun on the outskirts of Beijing and the ground station in south China's Sanya.

On April 7, the Gaofen-3 03 satellite was successfully launched into orbit and will be networked with the orbiting Gaofen-3 and Gaofen-3 02 satellites to form a land-sea radar satellite constellation and capture reliable, stable synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images.

The satellites will serve the fields of marine disaster prevention and mitigation, dynamic marine environment monitoring, marine research, environmental protection, water conservancy, agriculture and meteorology. 

Source: Xinhua