Big Earth Data, Volume 3, Issue 2 Available

Jul 15, 2019

Big Earth Data, Volume 3, Issue 2 is now available online. Please enjoy the latest articles and share the interesting knowledge with your research network. 

Also, five special issues listed below are now calling for research articles, review articles, data articles or technical notes. Please choose one that you are interested in and do not hesitate to contact the Editorial Office or the guest editors if you have any ideas to contribute.  

The journal of Big Earth Data is an interdisciplinary open access journal established in December 2017. It is jointly published by the International Society for Digital Earth, Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth-Chinese Academy of Sciences, Taylor & Francis Group and other partners. We are now looking for scientists who are willing to contribute manuscripts or guest edit special issues. Publishing an article in Big Earth Data normally requires Article Processing Charges, however, earlier submissions could be considered for waiving APC charge fee. Please take this advantage to contribute your papers to Big Earth Data and click here to submit to the journal.
Should you have any questions, please contact the journal Editorial Office at or call 86-10-8217 8902 / 8217 8196.

Featured Papers  

Editorial of the Special Issue on "New Progress in Big Earth Data"  

Big data: new methods and ideas in geological scientific research  

Zhang Qi & Liu Xuelong   

Review Articles  

Big Earth data analytics: a survey  

Chaowei Yang, Manzhu Yu, Yun Li, Fei Hu, Yongyao Jiang, Qian Liu, Dexuan Sha, Mengchao Xu & Juan Gu
Big Earth Data: a comprehensive analysis of visualization analytics issues
Patrick Merritt, Haixia Bi, Bradley Davis, Christopher Windmill & Yong Xue   

Research Articles  

Energy-related Severe Accident Database (ENSAD): cloud-based geospatial platform
Wansub Kim, Peter Burgherr, Matteo Spada, Peter Lustenberger, Anna Kalinina & Stefan Hirschberg
Open-data-driven embeddable quality management services for map-based web applications
Alexey Noskov & Alexander Zipf 

A remote-sensing image-retrieval model based on an ensemble neural networks
Caihong Ma, Fu Chen, Jin Yang, Jianbo Liu, Wei Xia & Xinpeng Li   

Data Articles  

Global spatio-temporally harmonised datasets for producing high-resolution gridded population distribution datasets
Christopher T. Lloyd, Heather Chamberlain, David Kerr, Greg Yetman, Linda Pistolesi, Forrest R. Stevens, Andrea E. Gaughan, Jeremiah J. Nieves, Graeme Hornby, Kytt MacManus, Parmanand Sinha, Maksym Bondarenko, Alessandro Sorichetta & Andrew J. Tatem 

Automated global delineation of human settlements from 40 years of Landsat satellite data archives
Christina Corbane, Martino Pesaresi, Thomas Kemper, Panagiotis Politis, Aneta J. Florczyk, Vasileios Syrris, Michele Melchiorri, Filip Sabo & Pierre Soille 

MODIS-based Daily Lake Ice Extent and Coverage dataset for Tibetan Plateau  

Yubao Qiu, Pengfei Xie, Matti Leppranta, Xingxing Wang, Juha Lemmetyinen, Hui Lin & Lijuan Shi   

Special Issues Open for Submission  

Global Reference Grids for Big Earth Data (Deadline: 1 August 2019) 

Guest Editors: Matthew Brian John Purss, Peter Strobl and Zoheir Sabeur  

Integration of Multi-temporal, Multi-sensor & Multi-platform Remote Sensing Data for Environmental Studies (Deadline: 1 August 2019) 

Guest Editors: Nadia Abbaszadeh Tehrani, Ali Mohammadzadeh, Helmi Zulhaidi Mohd Shafri, Lingli Zhao, Sara Salehi and Milad Janalipour 

Big Data for Environmental Analysis in South America (Deadline: 31 August 2019) 

Guest Editor: Carlos Antonio da Silva Junior 

Analytics of Big Geosocial Media and Crowdsourcing Data (Deadline: 1 September 2019) 

Guest Editors: Songnian Li, Monica Wachowicz and Hongchao Fan 

Big Earth Data Analytics (Deadline: March 31 2020) 

Guest Editors: Zhenlong Li, John L. Schnase, Susan Wang and Hsiuhan Lexie Yang